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The Lord Lucan's

Updated: May 23, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Terry Finch, I am the main songwriter, guitarist and vocalist in a newly formed band called "The Lord Lucan's". Although I have been writing these songs for some time now, the band is only recently formed. We are performing at mostly open mic nights at the moment just to get out and playing.

On bass we have Tony Clarke who is also the bassist and bandleader of "The Blox, a tribute to Ian Dury and the blockheads", with whom I also play guitar.

On keyboards we have Jonathon Case, an experienced pianist and composer of original music.

On drums we have Alex Orme, session drummer with international experience who also composes his own music.

My first album was released just a few weeks back and I am getting to grips with the mechanics of making people aware that I exist, this is something I am new to but I will have to learn if I want people to hear my music.

The album is called "People And Places" and the music is influenced by many styles, this is not a deliberate move but merely how my songwriting happens. I can't write songs to order, I have to wait for them to appear in my mind, sometimes I dream music and have to write it down quickly when I wake up. Steve Hackett once described his music as "Pan Genre" and I think I am going to follow that particular description, I don't like to be confined to one thing, I like to think that listening to the album or watching us play live is like having a musical journey that takes you to different places, or you could just have a beer and a dance, whatever you feel like.

Anyway, please have a listen to my music, it's available on spotify and amazon, iTunes, deezer and all the usual outlets, there are CDs available which I shall take along to gigs and I hope to see you there, it's early days for us yet and we hope you like what we do.

See you on the road.

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